Who we are

Many years of intensive business, a long-term commitment devoted with great passion to trimmings, the enjoyment and the will to work with a simple concept of organization are the elements which contributed to the success of Olgiflex trimmings. Although respecting the classical style of their essential elements, Olgiflex has been able to capture the spirit and interpret it according to its personal character and technology without sacrificing style completely

Trimmings and articles for upholsterers.. story and Made in Italy

Olgiflex company has been present on the national and international market for many years and mainly addresses the upholstery and drapery industry, contract and interior designers and aims to satisfy the requirements of all the best possible way.

Olgiflex, thanks to its experience and skills, is able to realize custommade trimmings and at the same time to continuously update their own collections. The company has a big warehouse with goods ready for delivery, in order to assure quick shipments even of orders of only a few meters or small quantities.

For more than 30 years on the market, The Olgiflex is at the top with the best companies in the sector. Here are our articles for upholsteres, that can be employed also in the furniture sector, we are continuously looking for advanced design and materials.